Business Reset 2018

Are you ready to finish the 2017 year with energy and start the New Year with clarity?

Are you ready to kick the limits of the past, build a winning mindset and support you emotionally and step into your greatness.

Then join me on the Business Reset 2018.

Join Now and Start Right Away

Close the door on 2017 with gratitude and satisfaction, by reducing fear and overwhelm.

Learn how to close the year off emotionally and spiritually, helping you avoid future blocks.

Power down the year without crashing and burning and enjoy the rest that you really deserve, without holding yourself hostage to your fears of the past or future.

Set up a mindset that supports you to get ahead and learn to use your superpowers that are backed by the universe.

Take a different approach by preparing yourself for stronger outcomes, when it comes to your wealth and finances.

Utilise your Christmas break with my holiday pack - all the information to consider your "Big Why" and start planning when you return to work.

Join me on The Business Reset 2018.


Get clear on what 2018 offers and make decisions that count.

Get ready to build the big picture for 2018, armed with how and a winning mindset.

2018 offers more when it comes to connections and oppotunities. If you are clear on what you want then take the right action, success is more assured. 

Fear and limits will only hold you hostgae to the past. Are you ready to kick the fear and achieve with more ease?

I read energy and each year this shifts and changes, affecting your abilities and pushing your buttons. Making you feel more emotional and question your decisions which limit your potential.

We are living in changing financial times but that does not need to mean you loose.

We Begin - Module 1

Closing the door on the past!

Learn how to power down the 2017 year without crashing and burning.

Learn to clear what feels blocked in 2017.

Give yourself an emotional boost with information to support your wellbeing and mindset. It is time to trust and reassure yourself and back the decisions you make.

Learn some mindfulness practices and simple techniques that you can apply to healing your life.

Learn how to close the year without holding onto blocks, allowing you to enjoy your time out.


Module 2 - Opening 2018

Sprinkle some magic and begin 2018 as you mean to go on, with clairity and passion.

Become clear on what is available to you and your business through numerology and my intuitive insight. This offers you insights on how to communicate, when to advertise and how to support your emotional wellbeing and get ahead of your competition.

I will suggest ways to communicate with your staff, clients, suppliers and contractors.

I will recommend material on how to build and keep a winning mindset.

Well look at what is to come in 2020 and how to prepare for it.

Learn healthy ways to keep yourself buoyant and safe throughout the year.

It is easy to crash in February with what I call the February Blues. I will help you stay level, in charge of your action plan and much more.

Learn the best times of year to market and why.

Get fired up and focused to take the right action by knowing what you truly want.

Module 3 - Cement, Manifest and Attract.

You will now be in full swing, taking appropriate action to maximise your potential.

Learn more on mindful manifesting  and how to ask for universal help.

Learn how to use and access energy clearings to harmonise.

And how to remain on track for the rest of the year.


Let me show you how!

I will explain what underlying energies there are to hook into and use to your advantage and potentially avoid. 

I will explain how to use these aspects in practacle and emotional terms. Show you how to support your emotional mindset and offer suggestions on how to free yourself from fear and limits of the past.

Let me show what 2018 has to offer and then you can go and get it!.


Hi Rosina, count me in!

I'm ready to super charge my business for 2018 by increasing my awareness and supporting me!



Program only - Only one payment saving $20 




Four monthly payments of $47 Paid through Stripe and Credit Card.



Join in November and guarantee your place to make 2018 an empowering year.

What do you get?

You will receive a weekly digital package, giving you time to read, absorb and put the information to good use.

You become an exclusive member of the Business Reset 2018. The material will be emailed to you plus you have your own log in to this member only platform.

You also get free access to the personal 100 Day Reset worth $100.

All the material here is exclusive to this program and available no where else.

Only 200 spaces available, once they are gone the program closes.

Receive important astrological and energy updates as they happen to keep you current and in charge, right through till Aril.

I look forward to you joining me to make 2018 a SPECTACULAR year.


"I have been mentored by Rosina for many years and I can hand on heart put ALL my success down to what Rosina has provided through her business coaching, analysis, and guidance through my self-employed life. Rosina made me aware of not only my own limiting beliefs but provided me with the tools to break through them and continue to excel in my business and personal life. I literally went from earning -$26,000 in my first year in business to $150,000 and still growing. I Truly believe I would not be the business man today without her guidance and wisdom. I am eternally grateful and look forward to smashing all my future goals with you. Leon Forde!”"

Leon Forde

"When I found myself knowing it was time to get a new direction and purpose in my life and wondering where do I start, Rosina Bond popped up. For me it was a true a leap of faith, to trust in her process and work along side Rosina. Undoubtedly an incredible experience guiding me to my new direction of starting my own business, More Of You. It has had a profound effect on my personal life as I now feel calmer, happier and more content and able to make decisions that were once more challenging than they needed to be. Rosina will help you understand and embrace the true concept of letting go then guide, challenge and supported you. This will inspire you to reach more, to achieve your dream, which turns into a plan. From there I found what I needed and wanted to work towards. Believe me, you can go as far as you desire with Rosina's mentoring you to greatness. "

Bronwyn Sheehan

"I did a private Business Reset with Rosina in 2017, and I highly recommend this program. The new skills I have learned made me think, and helped me moved forward with clarity. I am blown away how I doubled my income with ease but most of all, I felt reassured and released many limiting beleifs. It is a MUST do program, if you want to learn how to support your mindset and trust in your abilities."

Graeme Teague

"I met Rosina when my life and business were at rock bottom and Rosina not only woke me up, she helped me see what I was missing. I did a Business Reset with her and it has changed my life and business. I now know the universe has my back and I know how to use my mind to go and get what I want. I have cleared many limiting beleifs and I am now looking forward to so much more. I feel emotionally empowered and I have already commited to the 2018 Reset. It is an amazing way to start the year. Thanks Rosina"

Mary Mac

Open for Business

This was a private only program but now anyone in business can sign up and reap the rewards.


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