100 Day Reset

Hi I'm Rosina, creator of the 100 Day Reset.

Let me help you bring your emotional, spiritual and physical life into true alignment.

I have helped 1000's of people eliminate fear, find their passion and manifest the life they desire.

No more wasting time trying to figure it all out by yourself, come and join me.

Join me and let me help you eliminate fear with tools that work.

Let me help you discover the best reason why you need to RESET your life right now. 

Are you ready to make changes with the right intentions from your heart and soul. Let me guide you step by step for 100 days.

Discover how to release old fears and blocks within. 

This program combines all my knowledge of the emotional, and spiritual to give you the tools you need right now.

This program can help you discover more of you. 

This100 Day Reset allows you to focus, build and achieve, as it is a perfect amount of time to bring all your inner, spiritual and outer abilities together for a success summit.

Mindset is the key as your mind either holds you hostage or allows you to live life more potently, everything, success or failure, begins with aligning your thoughts, emotions and desires together.

Join me or come and ask me why you must do this!

There are two options 

The Book or The Program

It is time to clear the past, decide the desire, align the purpose, reset the mind and manifest the dream.


We Have 2 Options

Join me on the 100 Day Program OR go it alone with The Book.

Book & Program


Join Me

Book Only - Digital


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Join Our Membership Program

The first 30 days contains new content to help you navigate the 2018 year and align with the new cosmic energy change.

You Will Receive

  • You get to log in anytime and work through the content when it suits you.
  • This program contains information not in the book.
  • After the intense 30 day opening, you will then receive weekly content to help you stay on task and accountable. 
  • Learn spiritual mindfulness techniques and rituals to clear the past and then manifest your desires by knowing how.
  • You will get to join our private Facebook and meet like minded people on the program.

Rosina Writes 

In a conversational style that is easy to relate to and understand plus you get to ask questions through the membership program and hear back directly from Rosina

Meet Graeme

He completed The 100 Day Reset in 2016 and now his online business earns him a mid six figure income and he loves it!


"I had set goals every year for ever but failed to maintain consistency as I always lost momentum. I joined this program last year to heal my life, as I'd had a really bad year and I am so greatful I did. The inspiration and support changed everything I've had such a great year thanks to the 100 Days and I can't wait to do it all over again. Thanks Rosina"

I Healed My Life
Joanne Sims

"When I found myself knowing it was time to get a new direction and purpose in my life and wondering where do I start and Rosina Bond popped up. For me it was a true a leap of faith to trust in her process and work along side Rosina. Undoubtedly an incredible experience guiding me to my new direction of starting my own business, More Of You. It has had a profound effect on my personal life as I now feel calmer, happier and more content and able to make decisions that were once more challenging than they needed to be. Rosina will help you understand and embrace the true concept of letting go then guide, challenge and supported you. This will inspire you to reach more to achieve your dream, which turns into a plan. From there I found what I needed and wanted to work towards. Believe me, you can go as far as you desire with Rosina's mentoring you to greatness. "

I opened a new business!
Bronwyn Sheehan

"This course is a MUST for any woman who wants to feel whole again. For so long I have my given all to my family, thinking that was what made a great woman. Boy was I wrong. It is draining! And I wouldn't wish that life for my daughters. Rosina showed me how to love me, how to begin to trust me again, and to be kind to myself. Because until I learn to love myself, how can I expect to teach my children to love themselves? Go on, do it!!!! You deserve it."

I Did It!
Sari Rae

"Rosina I'd like to thank you so much for the advice and guidance you've given me with my business over the past year. Sometimes I wasn't quite sure where you were leading me, but I followed you completely and you were right every time. I'm so much stronger professionally and personally because of the lessons you've shown me and helped me to understand. I've been braver in business than I ever thought I was capable of and I'm really excited about the future! You're the best!! :-)"

I worked with Rosina
Toni Robbins

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